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According to the "Swan Station" blast door map, there's 9 'Dharma Stations" located on (or near) the island: "The Arrow, The Flame, The Hydra, The Orchid, The Pearl, The Staff, The Swan, The Tempest and "The Looking Glass"(underwater)." In Season 5 Episode: "The Lie" & "316", a 10th station is revealed, and only one known to exist (to date) off the island called: "The Lampost" located in Los Angeles. It was rumored an additional station: "The Door" might exist, but this was revealed to be a façade covering a rocky wall. An additional station is shown in Benjamin Linus map called: "The Temple" and it's displayed with a Dharma logo (but this maybe a deception). And there's a Radio Tower built by the Dharma initiative to communicate with people off the island.

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