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How many hours of Lost are there?

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Season 1 - 25 Season 2 - 24 Season 3 - 23 Season 4 - 14 Season 5 - 17 Season 6 Will Have 18 Total of 121

--- Correction there is aprox 95 hours of lost. (that is not the right answer but its closer than 121) As the average episode lasts 40 mins, they are not an hour long


I added it up from netflix to settle a discussion, and it is . . . .

-5,215 minutes OR

-86.9 hours OR

-3.6 days.


A cinema in London was rolling every single episode of the 6 seasons and it took 92 hours (3,83 days)! -

ACTUALLY...There's 4815162342 seconds of Lost

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