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I think the entire show is an allusion to the bible. It's all about God and the new messiah. The second plane (316) that brought them back to the Island carried the candidates to take over Jacob's job. In the bible, John 3:16 (like the plane number) said: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life". The rebirth of Jesus.

I think fake Locke is Lucifer and Jacob is God. Fake Locke is trying to recruit people against Jacob and he also mentions that he is "trapped". This reminds me of when Lucifer was an angel and tried recruiting all the other angels to turn against God so Lucifer can take over but he failed and God "trapped" him in the dirt of Earth. All these numbers and references are allusions to the bible. Everything is finally coming together.

I'm not sure how it will end, but I think Aaron might play a HUGE role in it. He might be baby Jesus? He has been a very important character throughout the ENTIRE show even though he hasn't done much. I think Aaron is going to come and save their asses in the end from the man in black (devil).

--A: It doesn't! Ha--we were all conned. Seriously, it is criminal the way the writers tried to excuse themselves from bringing this plot together and filling all the holes they created in five years. At this point, I don't know if season 6 and the finale were just the product of empty writers who had painted themselves into a corner, or if it was some grand joke's-on-you that is supposed to make some philosophical point to us. Either way, we were all ripped off. The whole sideways reality and series finale were just a way for the writers to dodge actually bringing the plot to an actual close. Instead, they took a lazy backdoor gimmick of ending the series.

I thought it wrapped up pretty nicely. There aren't any unanswered questions, save a few minor things (the supply drops for example).

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