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Nope, Ben has only cared about himself and the island for the past five seasons. However Ben might find redemption in the end and right all his wrongs.

What are you talking about? Of course he's good now! If he were still bad he wouldn't even care about getting redemption. And he never was purely bad, just confused.

Asking if someone is good isn't exactly an objective question. Good and bad is all opinion.

My opinion is that he was generally "bad". He was selfish and weak. Obsessed with the island to the point where it totally clouded his judgement. He brutalised people, killed John Locke, and let his own daughter get killed right in front of him.

I can't help but feel sorry for him though because he obviously feels genuine remorse, and can see now that his judgement was clouded and that he was being manipulated by MIB.

Plus I can understand why he would hate Jacob so much. Jacob did seem to treat him like shit.

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