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The Others are more or less considered 'evil', Ben is adamant that they are 'the good guys', but since we still dont know a hell of alot about them it's personal opinion

Somehow i can't see the Others as evil. They seem to have a thing or an order that they are trying to protect or maintain or something they know other than the survivers and us that is very important and gives them a reason to act this way. When we see them on their own, minding their own business without any plane crashing or any scientists trying to build experimental stations, they just live a happy and civilized life with bookclubs and dinner parties, fixing each other's fences and listening to each other's problems.
When it comes to Ethan, as we've seen him on episode 602, he was a good doctor who had never been to the island and still he had to stick needles into Claire's tummy and he never actually hurt the baby. So maybe he was telling the truth the whole time and all he was trying to do was to prevent Claire from giving an early birth so that the baby was born in a healthy condition for the Others to keep.

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