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It is not currently known whether Charles Widmore is or is not allied with the Man In Black.However, it may be a possibility since he told Locke in Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham that if he doesn't go back the wrong side is going to win the "war."

  • HOWEVER, the side of the "war" he is referring to seems to be Ben's side and Ben has been influenced throughout the series by the MiB and the various concrete forms of the MiB. Charles was once a leader of the Others, and surely had knowledge of the Temple, Jacob, the MiB and the other "secrets" of the island. So it is not just Ben he is fighting AGAINST it is the MiB. Charles would not have known John would be dead upon reaching the Island and inhabited by the MiB's body, so Charles likely meant for John to return there ALIVE and fight for Jacob. Since this did not happen, Charles has returned (as of Season Six's "Dr. Linus") to clean up his mess and rid the world of Ben AND the MiB.Kurtisray 04:06, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

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