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There were several, all of which ended badly. Sawyer and Juliet lived happily in Dharmaville for three years until Jack and Kate showed up. The Jateawliet rectangle didn't do anybody any favors. The pain of losing Kate drove Jack to nuke history, while Sawyer literally lost Juliet down a shaft at the Swan. During his zany shenanigans off the island, Locke looked up his old flame Helen, only to find that she had passed away. Faraday confessed his love for Charlotte, who didn't seem to reciprocate or even give a lobotomized rat's rump. It's probably just as well, since both died shortly thereafter. Desmond and Penny were perfectly happy until Ben showed up and shot their groceries. Jin and Sun shared their bond while ignoring each other's wishes in regard to Sun returning to the island of death. In a Jacob flashback, Sayid's beloved Nadia successfully found her sunglasses, which protected her from harmful UV rays as she was mowed down by a speeding vehicle seconds later. But you can't keep a playa down, so Sayid grieved by dating Ilana, who pressed charges against him. Horace scored Amy on the rebound after the Hostiles killed Amy's husband Paul. But at least Amy was a lady about it, because she didn't marry Horace until after Paul was buried. Sayid could learn something from Amy. Eloise slapped Charles during an argument about child support or somesuch. Speaking of offspring, Pierre Chang kicked his babymama to the curb, while Rousseau busted a cap in her babydaddy. The ghost of Ana Lucia told Hurley that his dead girlfriend said hi. Nikki and Paulo didn't get back together. It looked like the only couple that was going to end S5 on a high note were the retired Rose and Bernard, so naturally, Team Jateawliet set off a nuke. Better luck in S6, gang!

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