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coworker claims the smokeguy (Locke) is goodguy, jacob was bad. I am on the fence still on that. Jacob didn't die, just that body he was using did. He is now Claire's son Ethan (ethan probably died and Jacob took him over when Ben killed him (Jacob).

John Lock (monster..lockmonster?) is either going to kill Sawyer next week and take over his body, or, the smokemonster is the 'goodguy', and he will either kill Sawyer to take him 'home', which he promised tonight, or kill him to take over his body, or they will actually escape.

I think they are all dead. Jacob and smokemonster have been thre hundreds of years. Richard was a prisoner (spanish armada) and jacob was english. ok that is too much but i can't wait til the truth is no longer 'out there', but available. 'Ben' said tonight on Kimmel that people will be very satisfied with the ending. Hope so.

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