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"Mittelos" Bioscience (Lost Time)

Leonard Simms - guy who went nuts from the numbers (Normal Missed)

Ethan Rom (Other Man)

Gary Troup - guy who soon after crash got sucked into plane turbine (Purgatory)

IMPORTANT Harper Stanhope - wife of "Goodwin"; Others' psychologist (PHAROAH PRESENT) [I.E. HARPER = now-PHAROAH??]

IMPORTANT Only fools are enslaved by time and space (Bones of Nadlers may lay deep in lost cave) [I.E. BERNARD AND ROSE NADLER!]

"Herarat" Aviation (Earhart)

Henry Gale + Minnesota (See another man lying)

Anthony Cooper + Adam Seward (Sawyer, the con man, a poor dad)

Canton Rainier - Ben's Carpet Cleaning Van (Reincarnation)

Agostini And Norton - Law firm hired by Ben Linus for blood samples, etc. (Don't go in, isn't Aaron)

Charlotte Staples Lewis (Walt steals helicopters) ..interesting one, i'll admit.. foreshadowing??

Hoffs/Drawlar - Funeral Parlor used for Locke (Flashforward!!!) xD

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