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The temple is a time machine left over from man at the very end of human existence. As mankind was nearing extinction a complex project was put under way. The goal of this project was to stop the extinction of mankind by changing the past. They created in essence a time machine, with a team of scientists(A majority of "The Others")and sophisticated AI, also a quantum defense machine that guards the time machine in all dimensions at once that has the ability to read the pasts and futures of any being it comes into contact with to descern whether at some point the being will be a threat to the time machine or not. The time machine can not only change time periods at will but it can also bring things to it's own current time period. Because of how advanced the technology in the temple is it often appears to be magic to the primitive people of the crash. The temples ultimate goal is to effect time by gathering "special" individuals who have the ability to work outside of Valenzetti's Equation and do things that would otherwise be impossible, in essence they work outside of quantum mechanical laws. The AI in the temple draws these individuals together by controlling time and brings them to the island, "The Others" are the ones who serve the AI and follow it's commands to make sure they are lead to the island. Using these individuals the AI that controls the temple hopes to change the path of the future, therefore allowing man to survive. The island itself is mostly the temple, the rocks, grass, cliffs, trees, are all just there to camouflage it. The temple is the island.

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