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Desmond described entering the Numbers and pressing "Execute" as being an action necessary to save the world. Being away at the cove, Desmond failed to enter the Numbers in a timely fashion, which resulted in a "system failure" and a huge electromagnetic buildup. Although the system was eventually reset, the electromagnetic force was strong enough to be able to tear Flight 815 apart in mid-air in passing over the Island. Desmond would not come to realize his role in the crash until more than two months later. Per the Lost producers, the Others were largely unaware of the Swan station and its inhabitants until the survivors discovered it. It is unclear how the DHARMA Initiative managed to keep the station's existence a secret for so long. It is not clear precisely what happened when the Jughead detonated. Upon awakening, the time-shifting survivors found themselves in 2007 around the implosion crater of the Swan.

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