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Push X¹ (Long Tunnel) Stone (doorway down) Slope Follow
North of (...) @ M² (...) Valley Past (...) ³
Follow Stream Down (to ... ...?)
(Reach S...y) (...) Follow (S...) to (/smeared/ P...)
Stone Tower 88ft 4 Levels× (/smeared/ of spiral) Stairs
(G...)• (Mirror) Pull Chain (to)
(Align) @ 108°

¹ - This X represents the omega symbol, which is actually written on his arm and also marks the stone block he finds in the hallway.
² - This appears to be a representation of a mountain or hill rather than the letter M.
³ - There's a column, maybe two, of text squeezed in here as though Jacob punctuated this after Hurley finished some of the rows. One column says "(R...) (P...) This is key". There's additional text here, most not legible, and says "turn left" with a small arrow pointing up then directly left.
× - Notes suggest tower is comprised of four 22ft levels containing spiral stairs, reaching 88ft.
• - This is either two words, "6 (...)" or its one word beginning with G as in "(G...)". Its a reach, but might say "Giant Mirror"

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